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What type of music do you produce mostly?
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You have processed the drums using outboard eq/compression etc, or are they the raw original sounds?


IN-TUNE hits contains the raw original drums used in the piece of music they were cut from (the music I've sampled the sounds from varies from Funk, R&B, Rock, Hip-Hop, Soul, Foreign Soundtracks, Jazz and other musical genres) so, they have only the effects the original drums had.
I haven't applied any destructive effects like equalization or compression on the samples - just a simple normalization and very rarely a sensitive noise reduction.
I think keeping the effects applyied on sounds to a minimum is the way to go when making such a library because some drums work in your mix just like that with the original compression. Also, over-compression is a thing you surely want to avoid. Second, the reason I didn't used equalization is that for every single mix you will mostly use slightly different EQ parameters for that particular drum sound.

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