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Single drum hits sound samples (kicks, snares, hats and more) organized by pitch.

IN-TUNE HITS is the first drum samples library which has the included sounds organized by pitch. It is also the hugest drum library available, as it contains more than 20.000 non-repeating and hard hitting drum samples. All the content samples are in waveform format (.wav) and can be used with any audio production program, DAW or hardware sampler.

How it works

Works on all DAW's

Drum samples comptabile with all daws


The IN-TUNE HITS drums package contains single hits samples of kicks, snares, hats, cymbals, toms, congas and other misc percusions, all with the pitch established and analyzed for you! Yes, drums also play in a particular note and have a fundamental frequency, they are more than only noise as some people state. The drum sounds in this library are also organized by pitch ! That is, the samples are located in folders named: A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G# according to their respective key/pitch frequency.

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Main features of the IN-TUNE Hits library  

1. Drum sounds organized by key/pitch. You can easily make drum tracks which are in tune with the root key of your song.

2. The library does not contain duplicate content sounds: you won't find the same hat or kick replicated under another name or, worse, pitched up or down to make it sound different. 

3. The sounds are cut pricesely using Adobe Audition. You won't find any useless and annoyng silence at the start of the sample either at the end of file. You get straight usable samples ready to load up in your drum machine.So, you do not need to do any extra waveform editing.

4. The sounds are fully normalised so you won't have to change the volume level of your percussion track every time you are switching/replacing the samples in it. 

5. More than 20.000 drum hits samples - this library provides quantity and quality. It is really everything you need to build great drum tracks.

Drum samples organized by pitch