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As an audio software engineer, I would venture to say that it's very usefull to tune the *bass drum* to the tonic of a song (or as close as you can get). This makes much sense, as it helps to emphasize the key on the 'downbeat'. But I also think a tuned snare would emphasize it on the off-beats, which could be strange.

Anyway, this technique is used in lots of R&B and HIP-HOP and it can be an effective tool.

Also, in general, for most styles, I think that unless the native tuning of a drum is causing some weird 'sympathetic resonance', one should just stick to keeping them tuned well, as opposed to 'in tune' tempered, harmonically. Though, I really appreciate that none of the IN-TUNE Hits sounds are tempered with and they are just organized by different pitches. This is a bliss!

It is very usefull to tune the bass drum to the tonic of a song