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IN-TUNE Scores is a FL Studio scores (.fsc)  library which will help you make musical productions and progressions in no-time!

The library contains FLStudio scores of different instruments  like bass, guitarr,  harp synth lead, mallet, organ, piano, flute,  strings and more. But, this is not all there is to it, here are some additional features which make this a real gem for hip-hop, r&b, pop, reggae and other musical genres production:

1. the single instrument scores in IN-TUNE Scores are organized by instrument, key and musical scale !

2. the scores are inspired from various musical sources like videogames (arcade and console), film music, pop music, foreign music, jazz and many more!

3. the library contains at the moment 3.000 single instrument scores.

4. very catchy musical lines and the possibilities of combining them are endless. You can add a progression from the library to an existing beat or you can make a beat from scratch using the available scores!

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